The customer experience is as important as the product


01 | Customer experience and the “wow” effect

Irrespective of the product, the image projected by a company or by a retailer consists of a number of components or core principles, which can be summed up in a basic equation:

The quality of a store lay out and the quality of customer service go hand in hand and together provide the perfect opportunity to gain customer loyalty and to entice him to come again and to talk to others about his experience… switch develops a global experience process which includes all the key elements of a successful experience.

02 | Showcase an identity and corporate image which is consistent

The image of a company consists of visual elements which come from a number of sources. Communications, interior and exterior design, packaging, stationery, web platforms, display material, and many other sources, all elements which require to be carefully coordinated and need to be consistent. switch succeeds in creating the global image of a company with the various players in order to convey a clear and consistent image that truly reflects the company’s DNA